Kamehameha Drive

This morning Jenny and I decided to take a scenic drive along the Kamehameha Highway down the windward side of Oahu.  We didn’t make it all the way to Haleiwa, but stopped at Romy’s Kahuka Prawns and Shrimp for lunch and then drove back.



That is Chinaman’s Hat in the background of the pics above.

Highlight of the day was finding a beach swing off the side of the road!


windward6 windward7 windward10


We made it to Romy’s for garlic shrimp.  The shrimp were great, but not necessarily worth the $20 plate, and 30 minute wait in our opinion.



But the smoothie on the way home from Big Mama’s Tropical Fruits and Drinks made up for it.



That’s Big Mama.  The Mango Otai smoothie was the best.

Have an awesome day!!!

La Mariana


Today Jenny, Vivi and I visited La Mariana.  This joint is located in Honolulu and is attached to La Mariana Sailing Club.  Its claim to fame is that it is the last original tiki bar left in Honolulu.  It was also featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

Here is a link if you want to learn a little more about the history.  http://www.lamarianasailingclub.com/?page_id=80

We arrived early.  We called ahead to make sure they had highchairs, which they did, and at the time we went it was really kid friendly.  We saw a few other families there as well.  They are open all day.  Lunch is 11-3, pupus (Hawaiian for appetizers) and drinks from 3-5, and dinner from 5-9.

lamariana2 lamariana3


The pupus, well….tasted like poopoo.  (ba-dum ching!)  Then again, growing up in Texas has made me a nacho snob (which is what I ordered).  Jenny ordered a more local pupu, a spring roll with tuna, and I think she enjoyed her’s better than I did.  But neither of us were very impressed with the appetizers.  However the drinks were amazing!!   I would take a trip back just for the cocktails and atmosphere!!  I would definitely recommend the mai tai, which is what I ordered.



Vivi discovered cherries for the first time today.  She also had a fun time playing with the little umbrellas that came in the drinks.  I thought her dress was festive for the occasion.  It is Gymboree, and I found it at Savers a while back with the original tags still on it!!  It was originally $40 and I paid $6.


lamariana5 lamariana6

The view from the restaurant.




Time to go!  Hope you enjoyed the post!





Farmers Market and Aloha Swap Meet


Today Jenny and I got an early start to hit up our local famers market and the Aloha Swap Meet.  We bought some fresh veggies for an easy stir fry (post to come) from our Yogarden friends in the pic above, a couple of fresh flavored goat cheeses from Hawaiian Fresh Farms, and a Passion Fruit butter from Honomu Jams and Jellies.   There were so many samples of everything!!  Jenny and I had to control ourselves.  We each got  a homemade kombucha and Vivi sipped on her smoothie while we walked around.  I am lucky Vivi really loves green smoothies.  I introduced them early on and  am grateful that when she is being a picky toddler only wanting to eat Goldfish and mac-n-cheese, that I can count on getting her veggies in with her green smoothie habit.


We also went home with a body powder and granola toothpaste from Mamalani.  You can use the powder on your body or on linens and pillows, and the aroma is supposed to help support sleeping.  I am an insomniac while Chris is away.  Maybe I’m a sucker but I figured I’d try it out.  The toothpaste is actually a “tooth powder” that you dip a wet toothbrush in. It’s not actually made out of granola, it is made from baking soda, bentonite clay, Hawaiian cinnamon, sea salt, and clove, peppermint, and cinnamon oils.  I’m sure my sister will let me know if it isn’t working, lol.



Vivi with the local flowers we ended up bringing home.

Next stop was the Aloha Swap Meet.  The Aloha Swap is held on Wed and Sat, 8-3, and Sunday 6:30-3.  It is held on the outside of Aloha Stadium and is a great spot to find cheap souvenirs.


The booths are about three rows deep.  The first row is all of the souvenirs and Aloha wear.  Items are about half the price as the shops in Kailua.  My sister and I discovered that  if you are brave enough to venture back to the third row of vendors that is where the treasure is!  I say “brave enough” because the last row of booths may or may not resemble a shanty village.  Jenny and I are both vetted scavengers and thrifters, so a shanty town row never scared us!  We found some great items, and made a new friend, Everett.  He works on sets of movies that film in Hawaii, and informed us that after the films wrap, that they just give most of the items used to decorate the set away because they don’t want to pay to ship back to LA or to store for years in a warehouse.  So that is how he gets most of his lot.



Our haul.  A few pieces of framed artwork, and some vintage monitos (spanish slang for little toy or tchotchke).  Everett had the best prices!!  We bought a few things, did a loop, and went back again!!!  Jenny was really excited about a vintage “level” she found to take home to her architect husband.  And in the end, Everett just gave Jenny a little “monito” she was eyeing but wasn’t sure about buying.



Hope you enjoyed the post!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Wanderlust Oahu!

Yesterday Jenny, Nikki and I spent the day at Turtle Bay on the North Shore at Wanderlust Oahu.  Wanderlust is a big yoga and music festival.  I felt so guilty for leaving Vivi with her sitter for the day to just go and have a good time.  I realized the only time I leave her with a sitter ever is when I teach two mornings a week, and for the occasional date night.  She gave me a few goodbye kisses that I had to beg for and then waved me off. I’m happy I went to the festival and feel that I got a much needed “reset” that Mommies sometimes need.

In true psychopath former dancer fashion, we were super punctual and showed up with time to spare.  Then in Guerra fashion (Guerra is mine and Jenny’s maiden name) we got lost and got to our first meditation class thirty minutes late!!  Of course this was the class held in the “Quiet Space”, a twenty minute walk from the resort.  I felt better when some sort of landscaping machinery went off during the part of the meditation we made it for.  The teacher of course tied it into the meditation, saying something to the tune of “being able to turn off distractions” or something of that sort.  I’ll take it.

Second class was Shiva Rea, a yogalebrity.  I had never taken class from her before and really enjoyed it!  She is really into trance dance, and I must admit, this was terrifying to me.  Hippie dancing freaks me out.  And I knew if it got wild my sister and I would just lose our shit and start giggling if we made eye contact.  Having taught yoga in the past, and with the dance background, etiquette in the studio is a huge deal for me. Anyway, the trance dance was kept to a minimum, but definitely felt like I got out of a modern dance class when all was said and done.  Felt all earthy and loose.

Last class of the day was another yogalebrity, Seane Corn.  I have been fortunate enough to take her class in the past and even attend a training from her.  I drink the kool-aid.  She is an activist and is a very inspiring woman on many levels.  I went  to thank her afterward and was a blubbering mess.  In the end, all I could tell her was “thank you” as she offered a hug.  Her message has really shifted my life view over the years.  When I attended her training five years ago in Denver, I had many personal breakthroughs, and was able to release a lot of resentment I had been holding on to.  I remember leaving everything I knew six years ago to take on the role of a military wife and practicing her classes via podcast.  I remember meeting her and attending her leadership training when Chris was deployed.  I practiced her classes via Yogaglo in an attic in Germany and then I held her voice in my heart when I started teaching yoga again and fundraising to raise awareness against sex trafficking in India.  And now I’m here in Hawaii of all places, taking her class again.  She brings in the spiritual side of yoga in a real and relatable way.  It was a great way to close the day.

I realize I am so fortunate to live here, and just be able to buy a “day pass” and drive forty five minutes to the festival.  The drive is on the Kamehameha Highway along the windward side of the Island.  There were a ton of legit local food stands and scenic views along the way that we didn’t have time to stop for, so Jenny and I decided we are going to try to make the drive again this week to stop to check out the food, coffee, and shops. I also feel so fortunate to have shared the day with my best friend here, Nikki, and my sister, even if I may not be able to walk at the moment.


Goofing off before Seane’s class.


A coconut for the ride home. Hope you enjoyed the post.  Namaste!!       Have a great weekend!!

Waimanalo Excursion

So I have pretty much been running a bed and breakfast these days, lol.  We have had lots of company this year!!  It has been great.  My good friend from back in the dancing days came to visit over the past weekend.  It was lovely reconnecting and meeting her beautiful family.  Now my sister Jenny is in town for a couple of weeks.  The timing is perfect since the hubs is in Korea for work for three weeks.  I am so happy to not be alone and to show her Oahu.  We did a morning/lunch excursion to a local town called Waimanalo.  It’s a little off the beaten path but has a great local vibe and some good eats.  We ate at Sweet Home Waimanalo, followed by a visit to the local co-op Mel’s Market, a small trip to see the baby animals at the donation based animal farm, and then a stop on the way home for a fresh coconut at a random stand on the side of the road.


 Life is a gift.


Sweet Home Waimanalo.  Great menu, all locally sourced ingredients.




We ended up taking “Jade” home from Mel’s.  She’s our new addition to the porch.



There may have been a giant meltdown upon leaving.  “BABY ARIMALS!!!!!!!!!” she cried.

The dress Vivi is wearing is a thrifted number from Savers, $3.99.






Jenny only had a twenty and he didn’t have change.  He told her to just take the coconut and not worry about it.  She kept telling him ,”I feel so bad.”  His response was, “It’s Hawaii!  Don’t worry about it!”  Don’t worry coconut man, we will pay your coconut stand a visit now whenever we have a guest.  I tend to always make friends like this.  Whenever we lived in Charlottesville, VA my BFF was a street vendor on the downtown mall from Haiti named Rochelle.  Everyone that came to visit me met her.

Hope you enjoyed the post!  Tomorrow Jenny and I head off to the North Shore to Wanderlust Oahu for a day of yoga!  Have an awesome day!!

Thrifty Thursday

Hi!  I’m sharing Vivi’s Savers outfit today.  The top is Baby Gap brand, I purchased for $4.99 at Savers, and the pants are Janie and Jack, which I purchased for $3.99.  I bought them a while back and waited for her to grown into them, but I believe I got my military discount on top of it, so the whole outfit cost around $7.  Savers is a great thrift shop in Honolulu that I frequent.  I find deals for the whole familia and am going to try write a post about our finds once a week.  Hope you enjoy!






My new blog

Howdy folks!!  Welcome to my new blog!

So my husband constantly tells me, “I feel like you and Vivi have a secret world during the day while I’m at work that I know nothing about.”

Well, we kind of do.

I’m starting a personal blog to share pieces of my life with you. Expect personal stories, thrifting adventures, mommy times, beach days, thoughts and inspiration, fashion, and lifestyle posts.

Please be patient with me as I try to make my blog more mobile friendly.

Vivi’s babysitter introduced me to Tien Austin’s work.  Tien was a high school friend of hers and also worked with her on some modeling shoots.  Btw, Vivi’s baby sitter may actually be the real Hawaiian Barbie, lol.  I fell in love with Tien’s work, so I was super stoked when she offered to come by the house for a quick photo shoot to celebrate my first blog post!  She reminds me of a little sprite and is super talented.  Please check out more of her beautiful work at  www.tienaustin.com.  Hope you enjoy.









Vivi’s outfit is a thrifted Baby Gap number purchased at Goodwill, $2.99.  Her moccasins are Minnetonka, a Christmas gift from her Aunt Jenny.  My outfit is Free People.

Hope you enjoyed the post and have a fabulous weekend!!!!